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Five articles you should read this summer

By Tea Grbic, June 26, 2018 in All
Summer is a great time to escape: to the beach, to the mountains, or to catch up on reading that is full of inspiration and knowledge. Trends, challenges and cost reduction within transport and logistics are in focus – at least if we check the statistics for our most read blog articles this spring. In this list, we have summarized five articles you should read this summer. Enjoy!

1. The importance of shipping in the transportation industry

Did you know that the international shipping industry is accountable for transporting 90% of world trade? Today, over 55 000 cargo ships are active in international trade. The fleet is represented in over 150 countries, crewed with over 1.5 million sailors working around the world. In this article, we have gathered some interesting facts describing the importance of the shipping industry. 

2. Six challenges & trends in intermodal freight transport

Today, intermodal freight transport plays a significant role in the overall supply and distribution chain. This blog article covers some of the challenges and trends in intermodal freight transport that we are currently facing, as well as a reflection of the future of intermodal freight transport.

3. “Am I good enough? Do I have enough experience? Can I really do it?”

She graduated from Chalmers University in 2016 and started her journey as a summer intern at Greencarrier Liner Agency Sweden. Despite only being a part of the Greencarrier Group since 2016, Sara has come across several challenges in her career and said yes to them all! Get to know Sara Jivesten more in this interview.

4. Smart and sustainable alternatives to traditional transport solutions

Taking responsibility for the environment is an issue high on the agenda in most industries today, and the transport industry is no exception. Many customers are choosing smart and sustainable transports over traditional solutions where the environment is not always in focus. In this blog article, you will find alternatives to traditional transport solutions and learn how they provide additional value both to the customer and to the environment.

5. How to reduce transportation costs by using a public feeder

Weekly demand fluctuations in order volume can be troublesome when shipping your cargo with feeder vessels. It can cause either under-utilization of the vessel or cargo overflow, which both are costly scenarios. Using a public feeder can help reduce these hassles. Learn more in this article about feeder services and how you can benefit from using a public feeder in relation to using a private one.

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