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Our Brand

Unconventional, green and steady. These are words that rhyme with Greencarrier Group. We live our brand through our values, the knowledge upon which our company is built, and our mindset.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation for how we do business in a responsible and sustainable way. We are happy to say that we work successfully together and have fun at the same time. We pride ourselves on having passionate and committed staff. And we are not afraid to share our knowledge and responsibility.

A Company Built on Knowledge

The Greencarrier Group was founded in 2000 by Stefan Björk and Björn Eklund. Right from the start, they had a clear vision of their future business – a company built on commitment, involvement, humour, and joy. And it turned out very much as planned. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff are the building block for today’s successful company, offering our customers sustainable logistics solutions served by heart.

Our Mindset

Our mindset is our greatest strength and most competitive tool. We are active listeners who always do everything we can to help our customers. We see the opportunity in every challenge; thinking outside the box when the opportunity arises or following the standard procedures when necessary. Either way, our approach is simple – everything is possible.

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