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A Company Built on Knowledge

Pooling together our knowledge to offer the most superior solution.

The building block for today’s success of the Greencarrier Group, is the organisation’s knowledgeable and skilled staff. Every single one of us is an expert in their own field, industry and market. At the same time, we share a common goal, which we all work towards every day, in every meeting and with every task assigned to us – to satisfy our customers. Based on our customers’ requirements, we can pool together our knowledge and skills to create a strong offering and provide the most superior solutions to our customers.

Understanding the market to act locally, but transport globally

With our local presence, we can offer in-depth knowledge of the local market, while our extended network enables us to provide our customers with sustainable transport solutions worldwide. All of our 800 employees operating in thirteen different countries are experts within their own particular fields and home markets, keeping track of challenges, trends and customer demands on a country level. At the same time, the globe is our playground and we constantly challenge the international market with new smart transport solutions.

Skills are valuable goods that need to be nourished

We believe skills and competences are perishable goods that need to be nourished. Therefore, we continuously try to broaden our resources and areas of expertise to secure our competitiveness. We like to learn from each other, ourselves and others. In our Transportation Knowledge Blog, we share our knowledge with everyone interested in the transport industry. Customers, partners and stakeholders are permanently invited to participate; contact our authors, comment on our blog posts and interact with us in our social media channels.

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