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CSR Projects

Projects our hearts pound a little extra for

Over the years, our employees have passionately turned money from our fund into several successful and rewarding projects. Here are a few examples.

Solvatten – It all starts with safe water

Solvatten is a social enterprise making portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water. By working together in partnership with governments, local organisations and corporations, Solvatten aims to better the lives of millions of people living off-grid. Greencarrier and Solvatten collaborate to give long lasting help to especially women and children without clean water.

Installing floating trash bins to collect plastic from our oceans

Every minute, 15 tons of plastic ends up in the ocean polluting the environment and endangering wildlife. In our ports in Norway, we have initiated a project to install PortBins – floating trash bins that collect plastic from the ocean surface in ports. Also, our amazing customers support us by paying a Green Contribution (small fee added to the invoice) to help save our oceans.


Funding heart surgeries of poor children in China

We support Heart-to-Heart, an organisation based in Shanghai that helps fund heart surgeries for children who come from very poor families. Many families in rural China are not fully covered by medical benefits and unable to raise money for the operation of their child. As the future of these children highly relies on financial resources, this project is very important to us.

Supporting homeless in Gothenburg, Sweden

Everyone has the right to a dignified life. We contribute to the Rescue Mission of Gothenburg’s work for the homeless by paying part of a field worker’s salary. We also take part in their network meetings and collect Christmas gifts for people in need. By supporting the homeless we help them avoid situations which lead to aggravating the vulnerability of people such as abuse of alcohol.

Encouraging students to find sustainable ways to transport goods

The Future Transport project is initiated by Universeum in Gothenburg and carried out each year in collaboration with a number of partners. It gives students a chance to be inspired by nature to find new and sustainable ways to transport goods. In this exciting project, we have contributed as jury members and experts as well as exhibitors to encourage these young students to contribute to a greener future.

Cleaning beaches to minimise marine pollution

Marine pollution is one of the most serious threats to our oceans. In 2015, we organised Clean-Up in Gothenburg collecting and sorting litter from the beach in Billdal. Doing this, we hope to bring up some thoughts and reflections about how we all can make small changes in our lives towards a large positive change – and also influence others.

Supporting children in Latvia to swap the streets for football

The Football School Metta has a special philosophy of teaching not only the game but also discipline and attitude for life. Together with Metta, Greencarrier in Latvia has created a fund to support families who cannot afford their children to play football. With this project, we hope to help children stay away from the streets and instead have fun with each other.

Cleaning beaches to raise environmental awareness

Together with the Swedish Chamber of commerce in Hong Kong, we organised a beach cleaning day. We gathered our office staff, customers, and friends to spend the entire day cleaning the beaches on the Po Toi Islands. Hong Kong has high environmental awareness and this was a great opportunity to do something locally in our own community.


Shipment of shoes to the Sherpas climbing the mountains

In collaboration with our customer Haglöfs, we sponsor shipments to Kathmandu to supply the Sherpas with shoes. The Sherpas help visitors reach their destination climbing the mountains and carrying all the equipment. Their working conditions are really tough and proper footwear is a fundamental thing in this environment – a responsibility we are happy to carry for them. redcross

Volunteering and economic support to victims in disaster areas

When catastrophes appear around the world, we donate money to the Red Cross to help victims in disaster areas. Our staff also volunteer to raise money. Volunteering and providing economic support is a way for us to show that we are not only caring for our own society but corporate citizens taking responsibility for our world.

Transporting material to schools and hospitals in Africa

Education and healthcare should be fundamental to everyone. Oloo School in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum area, is dedicated to orphans. We shipped a container full of school material from Sweden to support the children. We also shipped a container full of collected items to Healthwatchers Associates, an organisation that focuses on good health practices through education.

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