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How will we transport things in a sustainable way in the future?

By Åsa Leander, November 28, 2017 in In focus, Sustainability
This is an important question for Greencarrier as well as the main focus for students participating in the Future Transport project. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Greencarrier is one of the partners to this project.

The Future Transport project is initiated by Universeum, which is the largest Science Center in the Nordic Countries, and carried out each year in collaboration with a number of partners. It is held in Gothenburg, Sweden, and gives students in grade 7 and 8 a chance to be inspired by nature to find new and sustainable ways to move and transport goods. The students will look into the future and create a transport solution for the year 2047.

The overall purpose of the project is to create a forum for dialogue and to engage, inspire and make students interested in environment and sustainable technology as well as showing different types of job functions in the transport industry. For Greencarrier this is a way to be part of the dialogue and share our knowledge and expertise with students, teachers and other stakeholders. It is also a chance for us to get new views and ideas on transport issues.

The students will work with their projects until January 2018 and present their innovations at an exhibition called the Future Day, held at Universeum on January 31st, 2018. The best project will be announced and rewarded with 10.000 SEK and a sleepover for the whole class under the shark tank at Universeum.

During the Future Day, Greencarrier will have an exhibition stand and participate with our own experts in discussions and panels. Along with the other partners of the project, we will also be part of the jury that appoints the most innovative transport concepts. Our jury representative is Sara Jivesten from Greencarrier Liner Agency and she shares some thoughts about this topic and event:

“Sustainability in general and within the transport industry especially is important for me and for Greencarrier. This goes together with Greencarrier’s ambitions for sustainability, what we call the Greencarrier Spirit. It is about caring for the world around us and the people in it. We want to give back to the society and we strive to develop environmentally smart solutions for transporting goods. I am really happy to represent Greencarrier in this jury and I am sure that we can look forward to a lot of innovative and interesting ideas for how to transport people and goods in 2047.”

Greencarrier is one of the several partners to this project. Other partners are Chalmers, Gothenburg University, Volvo, Gothenburg Port, Swedish Shipowner’s Association, Hogia, Västtrafik and Gothenburg City.

Featured Image: Universeum

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