About Greencarrier

A family-owned logistics company with an entrepreneurial heart

Portrait of Stefan Björk, a smiling elderly gentleman with white hair and glasses, dressed in a light blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a dark blue tie, and beige trousers with a yellow belt. He is leaning casually against a large blue and yellow industrial object, possibly part of a ship, with a harbor scene blurred in the background. A caption identifies him as the Owner and Founder of Greencarrier.

At Greencarrier we love what we do, and we believe everything is possible

Greencarrier is a family-owned logistics company with an entrepreneurial heart, offering highly competitive logistics and sea freight solutions worldwide. We started our logistics ventures in Gothenburg in 2000. Today, the group encompasses seven entities and operates in 13 countries. Our most valuable asset is our 280 employees who every day do their utmost for our customers.

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Social responsibility

The Greencarrier Spirit Fund

Each year, we allocate one percent of our annual profit to the Greencarrier Spirit Fund. This is part of our commitment to a sustainable society, allowing us to give back financially. The fund supports a wide range of organizations as well as personal involvement from our employees.

Our vision

Creating a sustainable tomorrow

Beyond providing world-class logistics services Greencarrier also has an overarching and more long-term goal. Our vision is to create a sustainable tomorrow. We constantly consider the long-term perspective and work continuously for a more sustainable future; a future that we create by taking action here and now. By 2027, we will be one of the most sustainable logistics options on the market.

The dynamic texture of the ocean's surface is captured in this image, highlighting the dark green tones of the water and the white froth of the waves. The angle of the photo provides a sense of the movement of the water as it rises and falls in natural rhythms.

Where we come from

A logistics company built on values and knowledge

The Greencarrier group was founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs Stefan Björk and former partner Björn Eklund. Right from the start, they had a clear vision of their future business – a logistics company built on commitment, involvement, humour & joy. And it turned out very much as planned. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff are the building blocks of today’s successful company, offering our customers logistics solutions served with heart.

Greencarrier group

The Greencarrier Group

The Greencarrier Group includes a diverse range of companies, each bringing unique expertise and services to our collective portfolio. Below is an overview of the entities that form our business group.


Greencarrier Consolidators

Greencarrier Consolidators is a global and independent consolidation provider with offices in the Nordic countries, Germany, Poland, and Singapore, offering LCL services and logistics solutions to and from worldwide points.


Greencarrier Liner Agency

Greencarrier Liner Agency is the agent for Evergreen Line – one of the world’s leading international shipping lines, offering Full Container Loads to all major ports.


Greencarrier Service Center

Our service center ensures seamless operations and customer satisfaction, serving as the backbone for daily business.

Lakeway Link

Lakeway Link’s roll-on/roll-off vessels offer safe and efficient transportation from Gdynia to Södertälje and Västerås via Lake Mälaren, and back.


A personalized full-service freight forwarder offering sea, air, road and project solutions. Operating in all major air and seaports in the Nordics and Baltic countries.

The sailing ship Götheborg

Götheborg of Sweden is the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship and an 18th century replica of the original Götheborg that sank outside the city of Gothenburg in 1745. Built with traditional methods, she is a fully working sailing ship with a rich history.

The Swedish East India Company

Founded in 1731 and successfully relaunched in 1993, the Swedish East India Company champions the heritage of Swedish overseas trade, shipbuilding and seamanship.

SOIC Global Trading

A modern forestry product trader, with historical roots, offering trade solutions for both producers and consumers in areas such as paper, packaging and other commodities.

SOIC Asset Management

SOIC Asset Management is a fund manager specializing in mutual funds that primarily invest in stocks across the Greater China market. The first fund, SOIC Dynamic China, was launched in 2023 to provide investors with broad exposure to China’s long-term return potential and valuable diversification opportunities.

Anna Svensson med blont, axellångt hår ler mot kameran, iförd en grå polotröja och en ljus, långärmad topp under. Bakgrunden är suddig och ger intryck av ett varmt och inbjudande inomhusutrymme.

The Greencarrier Group is always looking for new investment opportunities

While logistics remain our main focus, our involvement extends across diverse industries including property, renewable energy, trading, asset management and more. Through our Greencarrier Foundation we are determined to make a positive impact by supporting projects and initiatives aimed at reducing environmental footprints, primarily within the logistics and maritime sectors.

If you want to know more, reach out to Anna!

Anna Svensson
Head of Project Management


Be a part of creating a sustainable tomorrow

Do you want to join us and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow? Welcome! Greencarrier is an innovative and visionary company that actively drives the green transition through our expertise and practical experience in sea freight and logistics.

The Management

Nicolas Myrén

Managing Director

Nicolas Myrén

Managing Director

Nicolas Myrén

Managing Director