Lakeway Link’s first shipment on the new RoRo service connecting Gdynia and Södertälje

Tomorrow marks a historic milestone in maritime transportation as Lakeway Link starts its new RoRo service connecting Gdynia, Poland, and Södertälje, Sweden. The service feature three weekly departures in each direction, offering a unique and more sustainable cargo transportation option between the two countries.

Lakeway Link, founded in 2023, is a Swedish shipping company jointly owned by Greencarrier AB and Wallenius Lines. This collaborative investment aims to strengthen the development of Swedish shipping and reduce the climate footprint compared to traditional road transport between the Mälar region and the continent, filling a gap previously absent from the market.

As the only company offering scheduled RoRo transport for trailers and high and heavy cargo between Gdynia and Södertälje, Lakeway Link’s new service is set to relieve the heavily used road and rail networks connecting the continent and Scandinavia. This initiative not only reduces congestion and environmental impact but also provides a non-driver-dependent mode of transport, addressing the ongoing shortage of truck drivers.

The service is powered by the newly acquired M/S Lakeway Express, which sails under the Swedish flag and has Västerås as its home port, where Lakeway Link’s headquarters are located. The vessel, with a carrying capacity of 1625 lane meters or approximately 108 trailers, is fully equipped to handle trailer, project cargo, and mafi transport needs.

“This is a proud moment and a great investment in a new shipping company offering a unique maritime solution that will not only strengthen the logistics network but also provide a more sustainable option for cargo transportation. We wish Lakeway Express a happy first sailing,” says Stefan Björk, chairman and owner Greencarrier.

Lakeway Express will dock at OT Port Gdynia and Port of Södertälje, completing the journey between the two destinations in approximately 22 hours. Looking ahead, following the reconstruction of the Södertälje locks in 2026, the service is expected to expand to include Västerås, accessed through Lake Mälaren.

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