A Green Contribution towards cleaner oceans

Aksel’s idea for Greencarrier Spirit project was to work together with our customer SpillTech and put so called Port Bins in the Norwegian ports where we are present. The Port Bin is a floating machine that cleans the sea from plastics and other waste. As an example of the capacity, previous tests in Bergen shows that they can collect about 150-200 kilos of plastic waste each year (and seeing that plastic is light, that is a lot of plastic).

So far we’ve put one Port Bin into the sea in Larvik, and soon Kristiansand will follow. The other ports are Moss, Bergen and Stavanger (Sandnes).

Contribution to planet and environment

“We are very happy about Aksel’s initiative, which does something good for the planet and environment and engages our customers at the same time. Aksel has done a great job in getting through to both ports and customers and getting this project up and running. We fully support his initiative and ambition, and we hope to see more Port Bins and other Green Contribution projects ahead”, says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier and member of the Greencarrier Spirit Board.

Collaboration with customers and ports

The Green Contribution is a collaboration between the customer, inventor and producer SpillTech, and Greencarrier, and it involves the ports (which handles the actual day to day management of the waste collectors) and all customers in Norway that has accepted to pay a small fee, a Green Contribution, per each invoice. All money from the Green Contribution goes into funding more port bins. In addition, the Greencarrier Spirit Fund has funded one Port Bin.

Innovative and Green

“Innovative and Green are two of the cornerstones of our strategy and the Port Bin and Green Contribution project undoubtedly ticks the boxes for both these cornerstones. Aksel is a very worthy winner of the Greencarrier Spirit Challenge 2018!” says Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier and member of the Greencarrier Spirit Board.

The Green Contribution Initiative from Greencarrier Freight Services Norway shows how improvements for the environment can be combined with value for our customers, and how collaboration between Greencarrier, customers and partners can contribute to cleaner oceans and a better world.

“I am happy and inspired to develop the concept further, and I have to praise Greencarrier as an employer who makes it possible to make projects like this “come alive”! I believe that people generally are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint, and it’s now crucial that everybody does something, small or big, to reduce our negative impact on the planet. I hope that Green Contribution will inspire our customers, suppliers, and employees to come up with new ideas on how we can contribute to our planet and the environment.“ says Aksel.

About the Greencarrier Spirit Fund

We want the passion of our employees to influence what CSR projects we take on, and that’s why we started the Greencarrier Spirit Fund. The Greencarrier Spirit Fund aims to involve our employees in our ambitions within Greencarrier Spirit. Each year, we set aside one percent of our profit.

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