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Contributing to better futures for young people

By The Blogging Crew, April 6, 2020
Each year we challenge all our employees to come up with Greencarrier Spirit projects, that aims to do good and give back to the planet or society. The winners of 2019 were our class coaches for My Dream Now. 

Within young people lies the future – and we at Greencarrier are happy to be part of their journey towards fulfilling their dreams and finding their future work. Since 2018 we have been partners to the organization My Dream Now and we have had class coaches in two different schools in Gothenburg. You can read more about this collaboration here.

Our Greencarrier class coaches for this 2 year period – and the overall winners of the Greencarrier Spirit Challenge 2019 for their dedication and commitment to setting good example and inspire others – are Almir Cerimagic, Tea Grbic, Fredrik Hermansson and Niklas Olsson.

Caring for the society and the people

“Sustainability is about caring and making a long term difference for the better. I am very proud about the commitment and personal engagement shown by our Greencarrier class coaches in this initiative. Actively helping young people in troubled areas find their way to better futures is something that can’t be done by simply donating money. You need to show real heart and lead by example, and this is what our class coaches do.”, says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier and member of the Greencarrier Spirit Board.

Our class coaches’ commitment and dedication to helping young people reach their dreams is truly inspirational and just in line with the Greencarrier Spirit. We are really proud to announce them as the overall Greencarrier Spirit Challenge winners 2019.

A better future

The My Dream Now program helps young people in Sweden understand their opportunities and increase their motivation, with focus on specific areas of the cities where unemployment is high and young people are usually not so familiar with the many different opportunities available in work life.

Our Greencarrier class coaches for this 2 year period has been Almir Cerimagic, Tea Grbic, Fredrik Hermansson and Niklas Olsson. As Greencarrier class coaches they have worked directly with their classes and visited them regularly and many times, to build a strong relationship with the students for the long term. This of course demands both preparation and improvisation from our coaches.

The Greencarrier Spirit Challenge win is a way to give them recognition for their dedication to doing good, and to inspire many others to do the same.


About My Dream Now

My Dream Now engages volunteers from business and academy, to inspire students to see the opportunities in the work life and offers a social sustainability program where employers who want to take active social responsibility become partners and offer their employees to engage in the programme. Their vision is that all students should feel their value in society and find their own ways to work and dreams.

About the Greencarrier Spirit Fund

We want the passion of our employees to influence what CSR projects we take on, and that’s why we started the Greencarrier Spirit Fund. The Greencarrier Spirit Fund aims to involve our employees in our ambitions within Greencarrier Spirit. Each year, we set aside one percent of our profit.