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For a Greener December: The Greencarrier Christmas Calendar 2020

By Tea Grbic, November 30, 2020

We believe in improving step by step to ensure a better and more sustainable future. This includes involvement in larger global initiatives, as well as smaller local improvements. Every step counts. Walk along with us and help us to create a more sustainable future.

Sustainability in everyday life

We often take inspiration from others and we encourage everyone to get inspired by us. One big source of inspiration for us are the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are big, but they should inspire all of us to make some adjustments in our daily life and contribute.

The Green(carrier) Christmas Calendar

To make this a bit more inspiring and motivating, we have put together our own Greencarrier Christmas Calendar. The calendar will make it easy and fun to do small changes in your everyday life each day until the 24th of December, reminding us that we all can contribute together. And of course, hopefully these habits are something you will continue with in 2021 and beyond.

Download the Calendar

Greencarrier Christmas Calendar 2020 as PDF, and join us in making December greener.