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Green together – Greencarrier Group Training Challenge 2022

By Cecilia Jonebäck, July 1, 2022

Yes, it’s possible?! Together we truly believe that we can increase our wellbeing and inspire each other to a more active lifestyle, at the same time as raising money for a good cause. For the 3rd time, our Greencarrier Group employees did a 5 weeks training challenge internally. 


Our employees have competed in teams, as well as motivated and inspired each other to more healthy everyday habits and exercising, whilst having fun together.  

The participants have together exercised 3,9 exercises/week and 301 minutes per person. That’s far better than WHO’s recommendations for a healthy life! A fantastic performance that happened thanks to all cheering and pep among the Greencarrier employees. More than 13 082 posts, comments, likes, videos and photos were shared in We+ app during this period!

We are proud to see that the participants increased the level of exercise by 43% in average. 89% of the participants exercised 2 sessions a week or more.  

We think it’s important as a company to encourage physical activity with all the benefits connected to that. We wanted to involve all of our colleagues in Greencarrier Group, to inspire each other to all kinds of different activities together. The ambition has been to increase our wellbeing and to build a strong team spirit internally. It was also a high motivation factor that each exercise generated 1 euro to an environmental project, making it a double win, to be active and raising money for a good cause, says Charlotte Bernerheim, HR team Greencarrier Group. 


Raising money for WWF environmental project: Save the Baltic Sea 

As a part of collecting points together in this challenge, our employees have also been raising money for charity. The more active we were, the more money we collected to WWF. 1 workout= 1 euro donated. Together we managed to collect EUR 2931, which will be donated by our Greencarrier Spirit fund. All participants had the possibility to vote which environmental project the money will go and they have chosen to donate to WWF’s project Save the Baltic Sea.


The winning team 

This year we have a winning team in Riga, Latvia. Their performance has been impressive with 6,4 excerises/week throughout the challenge.  A big congratulations to the team. We asked them what they enjoyed the most about this challenge?

The teamwork, and we also liked the competition part. It was inspiring to log all activities to see how active we were, said team Riga.