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Greencarrier finalists in InfraAwards Innovation Competition

By The Blogging Crew, June 22, 2021
InfraAwards is a Swedish innovation competition whose purpose is to challenge various organizations to come up with innovations that finds solutions for faster and more resource-efficient development of the transport infrastructure. We are happy to announce that Greencarrier is one of five chosen finalists in this competition.

The challenge to solve is: What does the transport infrastructure sector need to solve in order to quickly become sustainable, smart and resource efficient?

Greencarrier has been chosen as one of five finalists among 20 applicants.

– All competition entries have been interesting to take part in and it has been an inspiring, but difficult task to select the finalists. However, the jury group believes that our five finalists stand out in relation to the other competitors through their pedagogical and elaborate presentations, which are also very well connected to the theme for InfraAwards, says competition leader Beatrice Hällås.

– Together, our finalists form a good and exciting mix that represents the competition’s theme in a complete way. Their competition entries show good solutions and creativity that the Jury Group deems to be realizable and are expected to create benefit for society, Beatrice continues.

In August, the finalists will meet the jury and on September 1st, a public event with an award ceremony will be held. The winning team gets 100 000 SEK in price money and support in developing the idea and apply for more funding. Read more here (Swedish only).

The Greencarrier Competition Entry

The heading of our competition entry is: “We make it easy to make the right choice – Greencarrier’s digital decision support for conscious and sustainable logistics choices”

The idea is in short to develop a digital decision support that gathers all different transport modes and solutions available between A-B and compare them clearly based on: CO2 emissions, cost and lead time. This way we enable companies to move their goods to more sustainable and efficient transport alternatives.

This in turn will reduce CO2 emissions as well as take away the strain on our road infrastructure by for instance using rail or short sea.

We will clearly visualize the wins in terms of emissions, making it easier for customers to make active choices.

If you want to know more about this our our green solutions, feel free to contact me!


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