Greencarrier Freight Services forms Joint Venture together with Hecksher

The merger of the two companies will drive substantial combined strength and customer value as well as synergies based on the existing footprint of Greencarrier in the global logistics market with own offices in the Nordic and Baltic countries, UK, Poland and China and the vast experience and long history of Hecksher in particular on the Danish market.

The joint venture is line with our business strategy to grow and expand within our home markets and to stay top of mind for sustainable transport solutions. Hecksher completes us in a very good way and is a great cultural fit for us says Stefan Björk, Founder & Owner of Greencarrier.


“We are very pleased with this agreement, which will help lift the activities to the “next level”. In the future, we will in all ways stand in a significantly more competitive situation and offer our customers a wide range of major business benefits including far more sophisticated IT systems. It has been important to find a Scandinavian partner, with the same ethical value set, and we are really looking forward to this collaboration, says Lars Bertelsen, Owner of Hecksher.


For further information please contact:



Johan Jemdahl

CEO Greencarrier Group

Ph: +46 (72) 574 6032



Mikael Forsberg
CEO Greencarrier Freight Services
Ph:  +46 (0) 31 85 79 44




Lars Bertelsen

Managing Director / Owner

Ph: +45 39 16 81 42



Søren Folmann

Managing Partner / Owner

Ph: +45 39 16 81 71



About Greencarrier

Greencarrier is one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned companies specializing in global logistics solutions. Greencarrier Freight Services is a part of the Greencarrier group and employs 650 in 12 countries. Greencarrier Freight Services offers flexible transport and logistics solutions. Our domestic market is the Nordic and the countries around the Baltic Sea and our independent position enables us to select the best options for our customers.

About Hecksher

www.hecksher is the oldest shipping company in Denmark with more than 221 year experience in the shipping industry. Hecksher is a professional company taking pride in delivering optimum shipping solutions to customers every time. Hecksher is part of a Danish-owned group with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltic states.

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