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Greencarrier GO – for the wellbeing of our employees and raising funds for Solvatten

By Cecilia Jonebäck, July 10, 2023

Yet again, Greencarrier Group has been able to combine the health and well-being of our employees with a good cause. This years’ health challenge – Greencarrier GO – has seen amazing efforts by our colleagues, where some 4000 physical activities of all sorts have been completed. Not only does the challenge increase the well-being of the employees, but it also helps a good cause. This year, all our efforts have benefitted the organisation Solvatten. 


Amazing efforts…

Through the app We+, our employees compete in teams. The goal for the team is to try to complete one physical activity that at least generates a moderately increased heart rate each day. As such, the activities have ranged from power walk and running to weight training and swimming. In total, 4095 activities have been completed. This corresponds to 399 minutes of exercise a week per employee. Amazing from a well-being perspective. 

When deep diving into the stats from the challenge, more impressive figures can be found. Together, our employees averaged 4,5 exercises a week, which is a 57 % increase from the start of the period. This, in turn, translates to a 67 % reduction in physical inactivity among the participants. Benefits from the increased activity implies less sick-days, improved profitability for the company, and overall healthier and happier employees. 

We+ has also proved to be a social platform for Greencarrier; 42 016 unique social engagements were made through likes, photos, videos, and comments. 

…for a good cause

While a healthy group of employees is indeed a way to be a more sustainable company, the actual value of the challenge can arguably be said to emanate from the good cause it serves. For each activity registered in We+, Greencarrier generates 1€ for an organisation of choice. This year, we have decided to commit our efforts to the Swedish-based organisation Solvatten. 

Solvatten has—through their ingenious invention of a portable water treatment system—been able to help people who do not have access to safe and clean water. While we might take clean water for granted, this is not the reality 1 out of 8 people globally. Needless to say, helping Solvatten’s cause is immensely important. 

Through our completed activities, we will be able to donate EUR4000 to Solvatten, through our Greencarrier Spirit Fund. 

Positive vibes from management…

It is clear that the challenge has generated positive upsides among the employees as well. 

“Since there are so many positive benefits being physically active, both for our mind and bodies, we see a great value investing in our colleague’s health and wellbeing. The ambition with the health challenge has been to inspire and motivate each other to be more active, to create new healthy habits and to build a strong team spirit that goes beyond the local offices. It has also been a great motivator that each exercise has generated money that will be donated to our partner Solvatten. Making it a double win, to be active and raising money for a good cause”, says HR Manager Marie Bäckström. 

…and participants 

While participants and the HR management rejoice over the benefits from the challenge there is also one team that might be celebrating a little bit more. The team GO Riga was relentless and took an early lead amongst the teams—a lead they held all the way to the end becoming this year’s Greencarrier GO champions. 

When reaching out to GO Riga’s team leader, Kristian Ruzs, the interaction between colleagues and team spirit is in focus. 

“What has been most fun with this challenge, Kristian?” 

“To be creative to make photos and videos for daily activities and of course comment on other colleague’s pictures, sometimes using only emoji. We also had fun when we motivated each other for doing activities with some fun and witty comments—in a way, giving extra motivation to increase your activities.” 

“What are the team’s greatest strengths?” 

“We are very friendly, highly motivated, and effective team to achieve the best results. We all are active outside of work and do a lot of sports activities, especially in summer, and it helps us achieve high results in such competitions like Greencarrier GO. And humour of course, is a must have in daily office life”, Kristian summaries. 

A huge thank you to all of those who participated in this year’s challenge and gave their very best! 

You can read more about Solvatten at: https://solvatten.org/what-is-solvatten/