​​​​Greencarrier Health Challenge 2020

Creating a more sustainable tomorrow is the Greencarrier vision, and we truly believe that together we can make a difference.

For six weeks this autumn, with start 5th of October, we have had a Greencarrier health challenge internally. During this challenge we have motivated and inspired each other to more healthy everyday habits and to exercise, whilst having fun together.

This challenge has been a great success internally with a huge engagement and our employees have competed in teams, collecting points against each other.

– During these times we thought it was extra important to be active and healthy, and at the same time important to do something fun together. With this challenge, the ambition was to increase our wellbeing and to create a united team feeling internally, since many of us work remotely and can’t meet in real life. Thanks to this challenge, we have communicated more with each other and shared more about our private and active life cross borders. It has been great to see and be part of this, says Charlotte Bernerheim, HR team Greencarrier Group.

Short interview with the winning team

Our challenge has now reached its end date, meaning that we have a winner team consisting of our employees Atis Matvejevs, Roberts Voskans, Janis Vanags, Kristians Ruzs, Ingars Grinbergs, Dace Matrevica, Marina Ivanova, Gatis Dumbris and Inga Suntaza from Greencarrier Liner Agency in Riga. We had a short chat with them!

Congratulations, team! What has been motivating you to move forward and pushing you through this challenge?

– Great teamwork and a strong will to win! Even if someone of us was tired during the challenge, the thought of this challenge helped to push everyone in the team to move our bodies and stay active. Also knowing that we were raising money for a good cause also helped the motivation. And of course, our three magic Greencarrier mindset helped us along – Yes, it’s possible!

How have you collaborated as a team?

– Our team discussed all our sport activities every morning, which made us feel more united as a team. We also had a WhatsApp group to stay in touch and motivate each other with messages and pictures!

Any changes in your health since you started the challenge?

– We have for sure learned how important health is for our everyday life and we hope to stay this active even after the challenge is finished. The biggest changes have been better physical health, overall feeling better and being able to move more with less effort!

Raising money for a good cause

As a part of collecting points together in this challenge, our employees have also been raising money for charity and managed to reach our goal of 15 000 SEK. The winning team had the possibility to decide where the money will go and they have chosen the Childre​​n’s hospital foundation​ in Latvia​.

Yes, it’s possible!

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