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Greencarrier joins Triple F to contribute to climate goals and a fossil free future for logistics

By The Blogging Crew, June 3, 2020
The climate goals are set high within the EU as well as in Sweden, and the transition of cargo transport's into more sustainable ways is identified as key to achieving these climate goals. This goes hand in hand with what we work for within Greencarrier, and what the Triple F platform stands for. Therefore we are very happy to join Triple F.

Greencarrier has been selected to join the collaboration platform Triple F, which works for a fossil free future within the logistics sector. Triple F is the Swedish Transport Administration’s research and innovation initiative contributing to the transition to fossil free freight transport in Sweden. Triple F is a Swedish arena but the challenges and solutions are of global nature and within Triple F there is also close collaboration with the EU.

Expected results from the Triple F initiative are reduced CO2 emissions from freight transport through collaboration and knowledge-building. This is completely aligned with Greencarrier’s vision “Creating a more sustainable tomorrow” and our strategy focusing on green, innovative and long-term solutions and ways of working.

Contributing to the climate goals

Transport accounts for a quarter of the European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions and these continue to grow. The Green Deal, the road map for making EUs economy sustainable, seeks a 90% reduction in these emissions by 2050.

The climate goal set by Sweden by 2030 is a reduction of 70% of CO2 emissions from 2010 with respect to transport within Sweden and in a subsequent step, all of Sweden should be fossil free already by 2045.

Goals are set high, and sustainable logistics is essential in reaching these goals.

Greencarrier’s role in Triple F

Greencarrier’s contribution to Triple F is our expertise and commitment to sustainability issues and international logistics flows. By participating in platforms for collaboration and knowledge exchange we can contribute to the important transition to a sustainable future for the logistics sector.

“I’m excited that we have been given the opportunity to join and be part of Triple F. At Greencarrier we are truly passionate about creating a more sustainable future, we work every day to contribute to more efficient logistics value chain solutions. To find, develop and evolve value chains in to more and more fossil-free and less burdening on the local and global environment is a natural strategic priority for us. Triple F enables a great platform for collaborating around these issues, and collaboration is essential for getting things done within sustainability. Well-functioning value chains supported by environmentally friendly and efficient logistics is a foundation for a sustainable development and furthermore a necessity in creating true customer value”, says Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier.

As members of TripleF people from Greencarrier with key competences will join the discussions in different networks. If you have any questions about our partnership please contact our Head of Sustainabilty & Brand Management, Åsa Leander.