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Greencarrier puts focus on short sea shipping in innovation challenge for fossil-free e-commerce

By The Blogging Crew, April 21, 2020
In Sweden, e-commerce increased by 13% in 2019, and it had a total turnover of SEK 87 billion. This puts heavy pressure on logistics providers as well as the environment. Greencarrier is one of five companies competing in this challenge, and has been selected to find solutions that contribute to reduce fossil footprint in e-commerce.

The increase in the e-commerce industry leads to an increased need for freight transport and thus increased CO2 emissions. The Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020 is the innovation competition that can help solve some of the problem. The competition jury consists of organizations from academia, society and business and among them are H&M.

Finalists are competing with different innovations. For example, to ensure that packages can be made less bulky, but also ideas that contribute to more sustainable consumer behavior or streamline both long and short transports in the logistics chain.

– “We work each day to find more efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers, ones that can be implemented here and now and require understanding and knowledge. That is what signifies Greencarrier and how we want to differentiate ourselves. What is so fun and good about this competition is partly that it creates an outside-of-the-box thinking but above all that it lifts and visualizes transport and their importance for the value chain”, says Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier and one of the members of Greencarrier’s team in the competition

Greencarrier’s solution is called Door-to-Door on Seaway and as the name gives away, the solution will utilize the underutilized waterways to handle freight volumes in Europe. Sweden and Europe has set the bar high to reduce emissions from transports, and moving goods to the underutilized water ways is a necessary shift in this work.

Greencarrier handles freight and full loads in a regular flow, and provides insight into the profits and other data that provide a good basis for decision-making in order to motivate the customers to take the leap.

The winner in the competition will be selected on May 4 this year and you can attend the final seminar via the web. Register here.

About the Challenge
Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020 is led by RISE and the consortium consists of PostNord AB, DHL Freight Sweden AB, City of Gothenburg, H&M Hennes & Mauritz Sverige AB, Houdini Sportsware AB, Region Jönköping County, Stockholm City and CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park. The project is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration via Triple F.

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