Greencarrier Spirit – giving back with involvement from our employees

The Greencarrier Spirit Fund aims to involve our employees in our ambitions within Greencarrier Spirit. Each year, we set aside one percent of our profit to this fund and all of our 1000 employees are welcome to apply for money to start their own local – or global – CSR projects. By doing it this way, our CSR projects reflect the passion of our employees. We encourage big and small projects, as well as local and global, but each project need to live up to some of our criteria.

During 2020 our Greencarrier Spirit fund and the commitment and involvement from our employees has enabled a number of projects, here are some examples.


Being a fair and honest business partner, employer and member of the society

Greencarrier has grown and developed successfully as a company since our start in 2000. Every day we strive to deliver innovative solutions and personal service that makes our customers happy – so that we can continue to be successful.  But success for us is not just about economic needs, it’s about considering the wider impact of our operations and being a fair and honest business partner, employer and member of the society. The Greencarrier Spirit Fund is one of many ways we make this happen in our daily work.

If you want to learn more about our view on sustainability, and what we actually do, please read our Sustainability Report or check out our web site and blog. And of course, you are more than welcome to contact me or one of my colleagues!

/Åsa Leander

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