Greencarrier starts Swedish Logistics podcast

On May 9th 2019Greencarrier launches their new podcast Älska Logistik (Love Logistics). The podcast makes it easier to stay updated in the world of logistics and quickly and efficiently makes you a bit wiser after each episode. 

The podcast is hosted by Greencarrierthe largest privately owned logistics company in the Nordics, with the employees and hosts Åsa Leander and Tea Grbic. 

Älska Logistik interviews the sharpest logistics experts in Sweden and extracts the essentials about the subject in about 15 minutes. The purpose of Älska Logistik is to inspire and to move the world of logistics closer to the individual, by entertaining, educating and challenging.

– The logistics industry is a dynamic and exciting industry, but at the same time, it does not get much visibility. The industry can be perceived as uninteresting for those who do not work in it, but it is fantastic and complex when you realize that the industry connects and handles everything we encounter on a daily basis. The industry is currently going through a major transformation to meet the future stronger, more efficient and sustainable. How can you not love it? says Åsa Leander, who works with sustainability issues and brand management for Greencarrier.

New episodes will be released every other Thursday and the first season of the podcast will have eight episodes. 

 - We are excited and very humble about this opportunity to enter the listeners’ minds. The podcast will focus on innovation, the future and sustainability within logistics – issues which are important for the industry, for Greencarrier and for us as individuals. We also want to challenge the traditional mindset that the logistics industry is boring. The mission is to give our listeners good tips and insights in each episode. The podcast is for logistics professionals as well as those who have just come into contact with the logistics world, says Tea Grbic, who works with digital communication for the same company. 

Listen to the podcast and subscribe here:  

Follow the podcast behind the scenes at Instagram: @alskalogistik 

Listen to the podcast trailer here.

For more information, please contact:  
Åsa Leander,Head of Sustainability and Brand Management
Tea Grbic,Head of Social Media and Digital Communication 


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