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Greencarrier’s CEO awarded as the “Best CEO in sustainable logistics industry”

By Tea Grbic, December 13, 2019
Johan Jemdahl, CEO Greencarrier Group, has been awarded by the European CEO Awards 2019 as the ”Best CEO in the sustainable logistics industry”.

Congratulations Johan! How does it feel to receive this award?

– I am very humbled and proud, but I feel that this is a Greencarrier award more than it is mine. We are all in it together and we share the same passion for creating a more sustainable tomorrow. So from that aspect, I want to extend a big thanks to all Greencarriers out there for their outstanding efforts.

What is the most fun part with your role as CEO at Greencarrier?

– It is the variety of questions, challenges and opportunities that comes on the table, well some are self-inflicted too. It gives me an opportunity to develop and constantly learn new things, and it is also very encouraging to see an organization and its people to grow and evolve their capabilities.

Which are the biggest challenges within the logistics industry right now, according to you?

– I would divide the challenges in two parts: one is around supply chain design, which is a fundamental part in creating sustainable flows. This requires that logistic flows are represented and thought of already at the drawing table of the products, this is a challenge for most executives in supply chain and logistics. A second challenge is around talent management and the digital transformation with automation, big data, AI and 5G that will create major opportunities for the industry, but will create a major challenge to compete with resources around. Previously we competed more within the industry about resources, tomorrow we will have to compete with game developers, software companies and tech companies.

Sustainable logistics is close to the heart of Greencarrier. Why is this so important?

– I think to have a purpose is essential. Mother earth is something we lend from future generations; we have a responsibility to pass it on in the best shape possible. We cannot change everything but what we can make an impact on, we shall and will. That is our call and this is our purpose as Greencarriers.

The European CEO Awards 2019 recognize leaders who have an eye for innovation and are now shaping the industries they work in. More information here.