Greencarrier’s Head of HR nominated for HR Manager of the Year

Josefine Widegren, Head of HR at Greencarrier, is one of the top three finalists for the title HR Manager of the Year, appointed by Sweden’s Human Resource Association. She is nominated for her consistent work with the company culture at Greencarrier.

– It feels like a great honor and a lot of fun, both for me and for Greencarrier. This is something we accomplished together and it is great that our long and on-going work is being highlighted, says Josefine Widegren, Head of HR at Greencarrier.

In the category HR Manager of the year, Sweden’s Human Resource Association is looking for a person who is a real leader within HR. The person has achieved a sustainable and outstanding result with their team and dares to stand out from the crowd.

Josefine is nominated because “she is a great culture bearer who has successfully and sustainably established and developed a culture within the company that focuses on collaboration, responsibility, transparency, initiative and joy of the employees”.

How to create a good company culture

According to Josefine, there are some crucial main keys to create a good company culture:

– Our main asset is our employees! Together, we all create the Greencarrier company culture. It is important for us that everyone is involved as well as feel commitment and joy at work. Our employees and our culture have always been crucial for our company’s success. When we set our values ​​years ago, we engaged our employees in the work process, and we have worked together over time to consolidate and anchor them and create the company culture we want.

– Determination and collaboration are two other important factors. Maintaining a successful culture is a constant, long-term and consistent work. We spend a lot of time and hard work to become, and continue to be, a company where we strive to live by our values each day in everything we do. We do this partly by our Greencarrier Spirit days or Culture days. Through great collaboration, we are several people and functions who are directly involved in this work. We also integrate it in our education, for example in the introduction and leadership training, as well as in our brand platform.

– Our owner and leaders truly believe that culture is important! The fact that we have been given the opportunity and time to work in this inclusive and comprehensive way, is due to the fact that we have an owner and founder who believes that the culture is extremely important and has focused on preserving and developing it. He lives the values ​​himself and genuinely thinks that corporate culture deserves focus and is crucial to a company’s success.

Sweden’s HR Association has appointed three finalists in the category Sweden’s HR manager of the Year. In the jury, there are company leaders and people with broad and deep knowledge of HR who make thorough reference requests to the nominees to secure each nomination. Other finalists are Hanna Bergfäldt, Head of HR at Elgiganten, and Lena Nordin, HR Director at Björn Borg.

The voting is open until September 8 and the winner will be announced at the HR Gala on October 8 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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