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June 8th at 15:30 our ship “Götheborg of Sweden” heads out on a great adventure – the Asia Expedition

By Cecilia Jonebäck, June 7, 2022

Seventeen years ago, 2005–2007, Götheborg sailed to Asia and back – and now she’s heading out again on a great voyage and adventure – the Asia Expedition 2022/2023!

In the same spirit as in our history, the mission is to promote Swedish-Asian trade and create new business opportunities, with a focus towards innovation, new ideas and sustainability. This will be done in an 18 months expedition across the globe to finally end up in Shanghai in the fall of 2023.


After leaving Gothenburg 8 June 2022, Götheborg will sail in the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe, including a number of stops such as Helsingborg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Bremerhaven, before heading south towards the Mediterranean, where she will stay during winter 2022/2023. Spring 2023 Götheborg will head onto Asia and stop at several ports, such as India, Singapore and Hong Kong, before arriving in Shanghai in September 2023.

The planning and work to confirm and finalise the stopovers and ports that Götheborg will dock at is an ongoing work. Read more about the stopovers here: https://www.gotheborg.se/expedition/stopovers/
















Departure from Gothenburg on 8 June 15:30

Come and wave her off and if you have a boat, join Götheborg as she heads out of the harbour and on to the great adventure and the two year voyage to Asia! Departure time is 15:30, with gun salute 16:00.

You can also follow Götheborgs adventure on gotheborg.se or in social media.



About the ship

It’s not easy to build an 18th-century ship in full 1:1 scale without the help of any original drawings. It doesn’t make it any easier when solely using the tools, building methods and materials of that time. In addition to that, the ship has to fulfill today’s safety requirements from authorities. However, sometimes, impossible dreams grow wings and take flight. Götheborg of Sweden is today the largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship in the world.

In February 2021Greencarrier AB acquired Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB – SOIC AB and thereby also took over the ownership and responsibility for “Götheborg of Sweden”.