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Meet the owner and a big heart behind Götheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship

By Cecilia Jonebäck, May 29, 2023

Greencarrier acquired Götheborg in February 2021. It was a purchase decision that came from the heart, rather than from rational business thinking, says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier and Götheborg of Sweden.

When you speak to Stefan Björk about Götheborg of Sweden it is clear that he has a lot of enthusiasm for the ship and what she represents. Buying it is not the smartest business decision he’s made, he says, but it’s by far the most enjoyable, and he wishes that more businesses would get involved and make sure that Götheborg can fulfill her full potential, both in the way she survives and sails, as a PR tool, and also that we continue to recognise her value as a vital part of our history, he adds.

Greencarrier is a company built on commitment, involvement, humour and joy. Our company ethos is “Yes, it’s possible.” This fits well in with the ambition that surrounds Götheborg. From how divers investigated the original ship that sank just outside Gothenburg in 1745 to the start of the project to build a replica in scale 1:1 in 1993. Björk’s personal interest in this is obvious and it is clear that he admires the ambition and the drive that has realised the build. Building it by hand without proper plans and then aiming to set sail for China, was something that I wanted to follow closely, he says.

A symbol for trade

When asked if he sees similarities between Greencarrier and the Swedish East India Company, Björk says that the ship and The Swedish East India Company is a historic symbol for trade; where the sailing expeditions in the 18th and 19th put Sweden on the map, Greencarrier is doing so today. It’s an elegant and fun way to promote our ambitions of doing sustainable business and trade.”


In this article, our owner Stefan Björk, shares his personal motivations behind acquiring the Götheborg. He discusses the inherent challenges and remarkable advantages of owning the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship. He also opens up about why he welcomes and encourages other companies and partners to join us on the extraordinary journey and adventure that is Götheborg. Read the full article on Götheborg of Sweden’s website.