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New Edition of Our Spirit – the Sustainability Report for Greencarrier Group

By The Blogging Crew, June 25, 2020
Our vision “Creating a more sustainable tomorrow” guides us every day in all we do. Read more about our ambitions and actions, in the Sustainability report for the Greencarrier Group.

Sustainable development is attracting more attention in most companies and for most people. The logistics industry faces many challenges in the transition, but we also have even more opportunities in making a change into a more sustainable future. Together with our partners and customers, we can make it happen.

For many years we in Greencarrier have put sustainability high on our agenda, and you can read more about what we do in our new edition of Our Spirit – the Sustainability Report for Greencarrier Group 2019.

Caring for the world around us

“At Greencarrier we work towards the vision “Creating a more sustainable tomorrow”. We are here to provide the best transport and logistics solutions for our clients, and ensure that our offer is relevant so that we can make a profit and stay in business for the long term. But while doing this we want to highlight the fact that we aim to be to be part of the solution, and make a change towards a more sustainable future.” Says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier.

“I want us at Greencarrier to care for our company and the people who work here, as well as for our customers and partners. But also for the people around us, the society and the planet. We call this long term commitment and sustainable approach to what we do, the Greencarrier Spirit.”

An industry leader in sustainable logistics

Our work with sustainability has been ongoing for many years, and it’s a matter that’s becoming more and more important to us and the world.

“First, sustainability is what we believe in and what we represent. Second it’s a must to be relevant in the eyes of customers as well as employees. Greencarrier should be a recognized thought leader within the logistics industry when it comes to sustainability and our sustainability report is a tool for improving as well as a way of showing what we do.” Says Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier Group.

Read the full report

We are proud to share our work, and hope that you will enjoy getting to know more about our Greencarrier Spirit!


Find the full report here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to learn more.