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One more year of matching spirit together with Maja Stage

By Sofia Schultz, April 30, 2019
We are proud to announce that we will sponsor the triathlete Maja Stage one more year and continue to develop our partnership with our mindset “Yes, it's possible!”

As the plan looks now, I have some big races coming up in the Spring, with ITU Long Distance – 4thMay. And my bucket list race; Ironman Lanzarote the 25thMay– I’m super excited about racing Lanzarote, it was when I was living at Lanzarote I started triathlon, IM Lanzarote was also the first ever Ironman I watched and it feels like home when I race there.

I have another bucket list race planed for the Summer, as I will race KMD Ironman Copenhagen the 18thAugust.. And hopefully I will be able to ad Ironman Hawaii to the list in October! – that’s the goal anyway says Maja”

​Maja is an expert of setting goals and achieving them. The long term goal is to reach top three best female athletes at Iron Man, Hawaii. Is it possible if you ask Maja? Yes, it’s possible! Just as much as we think that it´s possible to reach our company vision: creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

At Greencarrier, we always want to be a proud sponsor in the projects we enter and this is a perfect match.

Meeting Maja Stage Nielsen and talking about her passion for triathlon and the partnership with Greencarrier., see the video:

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