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Pushing the Greencarrier sustainability agenda forward

By The Blogging Crew, December 7, 2020
We believe in sharing knowledge and using involvement to integrate sustainability in all we do and push the sustainability agenda forward. Together in the company, but most of all together with our customers and suppliers.

We have really high ambitions for our work ahead when it comes to sustainability, and so does many of our customers. To reach our goals, and to help our customer reach theirs, we need to be constantly on top of development, spread knowledge and get inspiration and reminders from each other.

That’s why we have created a network of Green Ambassador’s in each country where we operate, and this team helps us push for sustainable development locally and together. With local needs in mind but always guided by the Greencarrier vision “Creating a more sustainable tomorrow”.

Close dialogue with customers helps us become stronger together

The Green Ambassadors work to promote our sustainability initiatives both internally and towards our customers and partners. They are truly passionate about or work towards a more sustainable future. They work in different functions and role, but what they all have in common is that they work to find new possibilities and sustainable solutions for our customers and to inspire creativity and innovation.

– “To me, sustainable development is that we as a logistics provider work together with our customers and our suppliers in togetherness to find sustainable logistic solutions, and this way develop on the sustainable agenda.” Says Karen Berg, Manager of Business Development Strategic Sales and Green Ambassador Denmark.

– “I always ask our customers how they view sustainable alternatives, and if their organizations are ready for change when it comes to for instance lead times. I also ask how their management is promoting need for change, and if sustainability can cost a little more (even if it does not always have to). Says Christina Windahl, Strategic Sales Manager and Green Ambassador Sweden.

Image from our latest physical meeting in Gothenburg, November 2019. This year all our meetings have been digital. 

Why an ambassador network

  1. You get more involvement by more internal stakeholders, and this helps you integrate sustainability into your core business. Which we believe is truly key to success.
  2. All countries are different and having local ambassadors can help you find opportunities that fit local needs and customer demands.
  3. Working in networks across functions and country borders means that we can share best practice, see things from new perspectives, challenge each other and make each other better.
  4. A network of passionate members helps things moving at a much faster pace!

Caring for people, planet and business

If you want to learn more about our view on sustainability, and what we actually do, please read our Sustainability Report or check out our web site and blog. You can also check out how we give back to the society and environment via our Greencarrier Spirit fund, where we set aside 1% of our profit each year for projects within sustainability that our employees can initiate.

And of course, you are more than welcome to contact me, one of our Green Ambassadors or another Greencarrier colleague!