Safe and Clean water together with our Partner Solvatten

Clean and hot water is a necessity for preventing diseases but also essential for enabling reduced inequalities, better education, health and reduced pressure on the climate. How?

Our long term partner Solvatten knows just how important it is to work with such a basic thing as clean water to all. Here’s an update from them that exemplifies just how much difference clean and hot water can make.

The effects of the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected the world in a way that was impossible to imagine. In addition to national shutdowns and global economic unrest, work for human rights and social development has also taken sharp steps back. This has affected millions of families and individuals in the world’s most vulnerable countries.

Organizations that work for safe water supply, education, gender equality and care have had to adjust their strategies in the field to adapt all activities to local restrictions – which has also affected Solvatten’s projects in the world.

Fantastically enough, the Solvatten projects have, after all, been able to roll on well and the organizations have worked very hard to get Solvatten to those in need during this time.

By limiting the number of participants in activities such as Solvatten education and distribution, they have been able to ensure that we have reached over 6,000 families 2020.

As a result, another 33,000 people have gained access to clean, hot water in their homes at a time marked by a global pandemic – which, to say the least, highlights the importance of clean and warm water for health and hygiene.

Not just clean water – the other positive effects of Solvatten

Last year’s follow up of Solvatten showed that the families use their Solvatten between 1-3 times a day.

At each use, a family saves a bundle of firewood. For those who cannot afford to pay for fuel, the savings are achieved in regards to time spent- especially for women and children who would otherwise be responsible to cut down nearby trees and other vegetation.

In addition to the obvious environmental problems, this is something that risks exposing them to violence and assault along the long distances, which can now be avoided. Instead, they can spend the time on their education, agriculture or other income opportunities.

All households surveyed confirm that they now have fewer cases of stomach diseases, and that eye infections, skin infections, lung problems or malnutrition as a result of stomach worms have also decreased.

To be able to use their hot water at a later time, 85% of the families state that they store some of the water from Solvatten in a thermos. Just as many use the hot water for hygiene such as hand washing or bathing the children.

Something extremely gratifying is that almost half also use the hot water to mix formula and nutritional supplements for their babies. Solvatten’s hot water has a perfect temperature for this so it becomes easy to mix the powder without risking to break down its important nutrients, which is otherwise the risk at a too high temperature.

Collaboration enables help to many

Solvattens project in Tharaka, Kenya is a collaboration between Solvatten, the local aid organization IAS (International Aid Service) and Greencarrier. As IAS works closely with local district governments within water, health and environment, this helps us reach the most vulnerable households and regions with high deforestation rate.

Since several years we at Greencarrier provide Solvatten with logistical support that enables their water heaters and treaters to reach needing families in Africa.

– Thanks to Greencarrier’s logistical support, we have managed to reach some of the most vulnerable families in Tharaka and provide access to safe and hot water from Solvatten, for many years ahead. This contributes to improved health and well-being, and in the same time it enables saving of trees, more secure self-providence and resilient communities.
Says Petra Wadström, founder of Solvatten.

The collaboration with Solvatten is one of Greencarrier’s many initiatives within Greencarrier Spirit. We contribute directly to Solvatten’s vision of a world where everyone can live a healthy and worthy life and we get to combine our business knowledge with our social and environmental goals.

Read more about our partnership here.

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