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SOS Children’s Villages receives Greencarrier’s Christmas Donation 2020

By The Blogging Crew, December 14, 2020
The yearly Christmas donation is one of Greencarrier's contributions to a sustainable society. This year our donation goes to SOS Children's Villages and their work to give more children the experience of things that many of us take for granted.

“As children, we take things for granted. That someone is there when you need them. That there is food when you are hungry. And that you can stay where you live! But right now, there are millions of children growing up without these obvious things. Children who do not even know how it feels to be comforted. Who get to spend the night themselves. And who, instead of being a child, is forced to worry about what tomorrow will be like. But you can actually help change that.”

We are really happy to be able to support children and the important mission of SOS Children’s Villages with our donation.



Caring for people, planet and business

The yearly Christmas donation is part of our work with the Greencarrier Spirit, and part of our way of giving back to the society and planet via the Greencarrier Spirit fund. In the fund we set aside 1% of our profit each year for projects within sustainability. Both global projects and local projects that our employees can initiate.

If you want to learn more about our view on sustainability, and more about what we do, please read our Sustainability Report or check out our web site and blog.