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Sustainability must be integrated into the business to succeed

By The Blogging Crew, September 15, 2020
How do sustainability leaders in major companies integrate sustainability into their business? In Greencarrier we believe in spreading knowledge and getting involvement. But that’s only part of our recipe for success. The State of Integration Report from Purple IVY, has some of the answers to what we and other companies believe will bring our sustainability agendas forward!

Earlier this year Greencarrier was interviewed on our view on integration of sustainability and now the result is part of this report along with the views from 20 other companies such as Scania, Electrolux, Vattenfall, Husqvarna Group, Epiroc and Swedbank.

The Purple IVY report explores the barriers companies are facing and the success factors they pinpoint as necessary for deep integration. The purpose of the survey is to enable a discussion among business people on what needs to be in place to achieve even greater impact.

“While all our respondents tell us that integration is among the top priorities for them, no company journey was like the other,” Eva Normell of Purple IVY says.  “The way they measure their progress varied considerably.”

Look at your business through the eyes of sustainability

The top five take aways from the report are:

  1. Make sure that you have a commitment to change, mixed with logical systems, creative magic that moves people and the resources to bring the commitment to life.
  2. Look at your business through the eyes of sustainability rather than vice versa.
  3. Deep integration often requires transformational thinking. This will come through an understanding of what’s most important and the outside-in mentality from collaboration with others.
  4. The most impactful progress is achieved with robust management systems that clarify your journey, identifying who in your organisation will help drive change.
  5. Sustainability integration shouldn’t be tackled differently than other business processes. It’s important to find your company’s way, based on your company culture.

Read the full report from Purple IVY here.

Involvement is key

At Greencarrier we build our sustainability work from our core values, and one of them is involvement. Therefore we see it as truly essential to involve all employees and at the same time get the true commitment from management.

We work actively with training of employees, workshops, our Green Ambassador network and our Green Office approach to get involvement locally in all our offices.

In the report companies were asked to give their top tips for involving employees, and here are some points:

  • Make it easy for people to understand the connections between the business strategy and sustain-ability work. Awareness of the agenda is key for taking ownership of the strategy.
  • Create an approach that balances progress towards a goal with outcomes that affect corporate culture and decision making
  • Provide a strong connection between definition, priorities, ambitions and goals.

Read more about our ambitions and how we work in our sustainability report or get in contact with me!

//Åsa Leander

Head of Sustainablity & Brand Management
Greencarrier Group