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Swedish interview with CEO Johan Jemdahl

By Tea Grbic, January 21, 2019
Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier Group, is guesting the Swedish logistics podcast ”Logistikpodden”.

Johan has over 20 years of working experience within logistics, supply chain, sales and services and has besides Europe, also worked in Africa, South America and North America. He has been a part of companies like Ericsson and Cisco, and joined Greencarrier in a board member role during 2013. Since 2018, Johan Jemdahl is CEO for Greencarrier Group. Common for all his previous roles and assignments, has been to work in organisations with a need of transformation.

Get to know Johan and Greencarrier in the latest episode of Logistikpodden. Logistikpodden is a Swedish podcast about logistics, transport and supply chain management, hosted and founded by Per Olof Arnäs, where he meets famous profiles in the logistics industry, logistics enthusiasts and experts to discuss and explore different angles of logistics.

Examples of topics discussed in this episode:

  • The role of logistics in large companies
  • Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing
  • The logistics function’s status in large organizations
  • Accepting things one doesn’t really understand
  • Where will Greencarrier be in 10 years?

Avsnitt 96 – Johan Jemdahl

This episode is in Swedish.