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Together for a brighter future for girls

By The Blogging Crew, October 11, 2021
Access to education is a basic human right for all children, but many girls are deprived of this. In honour of the International Day of the Girl Child we want to highlight our partnership with Plan International and their work for girls’ empowerment.

We are proud partners to Plan International to contribute to education and a better future for girls. Today on the International Day of the Girl Child we would like to highlight our partnership – and the importance of girls empowerment.

“The value of the support of Greencarrier has been of special importance. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the most vulnerable groups in Guatemala it increased the risk that girls and young women could not finalize their education. Together with Plan International, Greencarrier contributes to empowering adolescent girls so they can set agenda for their own lives and create brighter futures for themselves and their families.” Says Mariann Eriksson, National Director Plan International Sweden.

Why focus on girls?

Already before COVID-19, 130 million girls worldwide were deprived of their education. During the last year, the situation has worsened. Even if much indicates that children are not as affected by the disease, their lives are severely changed as they have lost education, care and protection.

Especially in crises situations, it is common that vulnerable families need to prioritise who should have access to education and often it is the daughters who have to stand back.

Plan + Greencarrier ​

Plan International is one of the world’s largest child right’s organisations with operations in 78 countries. Quality education to give children and youth a good start in life is the largest focus area. In addition, Plan International has a special focus on girls and young women and that they should have the same opportunities as their brothers and male friends.

Greencarrier and Plan International have a common ambition to empower girls and enable them to learn, lead, and grow. Earlier this year we formed a partnership putting focus on girls’ equal value and education. This partnership is a long term commitment, and during 2021 we give 120 girls a school scholarship for a whole year. Enabling them to increase knowledge and future options in life.

Read more about our partnership here.

An update from Plan in Guatemala

Plan International has had operations in Guatemala for 41 years. The country is the poorest in Central America, 60 per cent of the population live below the poverty line. Close to half the population is younger than 19 years and 1 out of 2 of these children are chronically malnourished. The most vulnerable group are the third of the citizens that are part of the native population, among which 4 out of 5 live under the poverty line and 2 in 5 are extremely poor.

During the past year, the pandemic put many of the poorest and most vulnerable in Guatemala in an even more difficult financial situation as their normal means of income were affected. As the schools were shut down during the pandemic, the children in these families were having difficulties motivating that they should spend time studying at home when their help was needed to support the family. It is expected that the pandemic will increase the inequalities.

Merlin, 16 years old

“My family did not have the resources to support me, I would not have been able to continue my schooling without the scholarship from Plan International.”

Merlin lives in the small town Aldea El Aguacate with her parents, her younger brother and older sister, her aunt and cousin. Her father supports the family working as a taxi driver, her sister works in a nearby store and her mother takes care of the household.

Merlin received a scholarship from Plan International to be able to continue her high school studies. Her studies are focused on economic, marketing and communication. Merlin’s dream is to continue her studies to study criminology or become a police officer.

Read the full report from Plan here:

Greencarrier Plan International – report September 2021

Learn more about Greencarrier’s ambitions within sustainability

Giving back is an important part of our culture and values, and is fundamental to Greencarrier. As part of our overall sustainability work, we have the Greencarrier Spirit fund, where we set aside 1% of our yearly profit to initiatives for society, people and planet.

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