Update Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

At Greencarrier we monitor the situations very closely and we are in close contact with our customers, our suppliers and most importantly our people. Our main focus in these challenging and unprecedented times are on health and safety of our employees and ensuring our customers’ operations continue as smoothly as possible.

We are fully operational and we are keeping goods moving, whilst we are maintaining social distancing, following guidelines and keeping our employees safe. We have enhanced our remote work capabilities, increased cleaning rounds at our offices and we continuously provide our colleagues in sales and operations with in-depth information so that they can support our customers with the most up-to-date and relevant advice.

Good to know when placing bookings

We are continuously monitoring the development of the situation and are taking the necessary measures to minimize any adverse effects on your supply chain, but due to the outbreak and spread of Covid-19 there is a greater level of ambiguity and some words of advice to avoid disruption are:

  • Book as well in advance as possible.
  • Contact person and contact details of consignees are especially important.
  • Ensure that both loading and unloading can be done in accordance with the booking.
  • Specify the time frames for important shipments.


Evidence based information

While different countries have different approaches for how to fight the spread of the virus we as a company have adapted all our countries and offices to comply at each respective location. For specific details please contact our local representatives and follow the local authority’s directives and guidelines.


Stay safe, stay healthy and keep your spirit up.

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