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We are very pleased to announce that Greencarrier is enabling The Ship Götheborg to sail again.

By Sofia Schultz, August 8, 2019

This means we take the full operational and financial responsibility for the ship for the next two years. SOIC Ship Management AB will organizationally be a subsidiary of Greencarrier AB.


It will be fantastic to be able to see Götheborg sail out again and continue with the mission she was built for, which was made possible by the thousands of volunteers who worked with the ship without compensation and all the large and small Gothenburg companies that participated and financed the construction and travel.


During the summer 2013 sail we were Tour Partner and were able to use the ship at various port stops for events for both employees and customers in our company. We got an absolutely fantastic response to this. Shipping and trade is what Gothenburg and Greencarrier were built on and what is our core. The history of the ship’s re-creation also embodies very much what we stand for in Greencarrier: “Yes, it’s possible!” We see that the ship has an exciting function to fill if she gets to sail and that is why we make this investment.


A first step is to ensure the sailability of the ship and the plan is to have her in the water and ready late spring 2020. We are yet to define the timeplan for 2020 but the great classic shows of large sailing vessels, Sail Amsterdam and Sail Bremen, are of course on the list of planned activities. The Nordic and Baltic capitals will also be visited by the East India sailor as well as additional ports.


In 2020 we are celebrating 20 years as a company and the ship will be a perfect place for celebrations with all of you employees as well as our customers in many different places.


The trade with China is core for Greencarrier and we have been working with and in the country for a long time. From this perspective, we also have the ambition to be able to contribute to strengthening business, exchange with China. In parallel with the sailing 2020 and 2021, we will therefore continue to develop business relations with China in SOIC Ship Management and explore the possibilities of another sailing to China.


For further information please contact:


Stefan Björk
Chairman of the Board
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e-mail: stefan.bjork@greencarrier.com

Johan Jemdahl
CEO Greencarrier Group
Ph: +46 (72) 574 6032
e-mail: johan.jemdahl@greencarrier.com

Sofia Schultz
Head of Communications
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