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Greencarrier and Solvatten in collaboration for safe water and better lives

Solvatten is a social enterprise making portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water. By
working together in partnership with governments, local organisations and corporations, Solvatten aims to better
the lives of millions of people living off-grid. Solvatten has since start reached +300.000 people living in +20
countries where the need is great.

-“Being sustainable in business means that we at Greencarrier care for our company, the people in it and for
our customers and partners. But also that we take a larger responsibility than that, for the society in general and
the future health of our planet. Joining forces with Solvatten and providing them with our sustainable logistics
solutions, means that we directly contribute to their vision of a world where everyone can live a healthy and
worthy life and that we can combine our business knowledge with our social and environmental goals.” says
Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier.

The Greencarrier Group is one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned companies specialising in global,
sustainable logistics solutions. Every year we set aside 1% of our profit to the Greencarrier Spirit Fund,
funding local and global initiatives to make improvements for the environment and the society.

-“Our mission is to have reached 1 million families by 2030. To be able to achieve this we need the power of
collaboration, so we are happy to see Greencarrier also sharing our vision about a sustainable future for all.” says
Petra Wadström, CEO and Founder of Solvatten.’

-“We look for long term relationships with partners who share our values and mindset. Our approach to business
and challenges is “Yes, it’s possible!”. By creating clean water with clean energy directly in the homes of
families in areas where safe water is not a given, Solvatten takes a big global challenge and comes up with an
innovative solution truly showing that it is possible! We are very happy to collaborate with them and being able
to provide a better future for so many women and families.” says Stefan Björk.

About the technology:

Solvatten Safe Water System is a combined portable water treatment and water heater system that has
been designed for life off-grid. It is an easy to use system that combines natural UV, built-in turbulence,
and filtration to clean water on a household level. All that is needed is sunlight.

Press release:

Greencarrier and Solvatten in collaboration for safe water and better lives

Source: Solvatten ®

Greencarrier Spirit Initiatives

If you want to know more about our Greencarrier Spirit initiatives, read this blog post to see some other examples of what we do. You can also learn more about our Greencarrier Spirit in our sustainability report.

Observations and Trends from Russia

Observations from this year’s exhibition

This year was a very busy and active exhibition, it was tightened to three days instead of four and the number of visitors, 16 600 was even higher than previous years. The visitors came mostly from Russia, Baltic and CIS countries but more surprisingly there was also visitors from the Mediterranean area, such as Italy, Israel and Egypt.

This year’s exhibition had more participation from Trans-Siberian railway operators than usual, and at the same time less presence from international forwarders and shipping lines. We have noticed more Chinese forwarders joining the exhibition since the trade between China and Russia is increasing year by year. We particularly see a growing demand for smoother and cheaper door-to-door solutions from China to western parts of Russia.

A great platform for business

From a business point of view the exhibition is a great platform to meet many of our customers, partners and suppliers. We are focusing mainly on customer meetings during the three days at the exhibition. We have been working with Russian clients for several years and they now expect to meet us at TransRussia. But it’s also an opportunity to meet new potential customers and to show the Greencarrier brand and what we stand for.

Eight trends spotted at TransRussia

  1. Combinations of different transport modes for one cargo flow is increasing, for example using both sea and rail in order to shorten transit times.
  2. New transport corridors. Customers are interested in alternative solutions through different gateways as Baltic, Russian and Vladivostok ports, as well as railway corridors through Germany, Poland or directly to Russia.
  3. Rail has become a very important mode of transportation when fast transit times are crucial. Either direct China to Moscow or via Vladivostok to Moscow. As a result of this we have seen more rail operators participating in Transrussia over the past years.
  4. Focus on IT solutions. There were several companies offering IT solutions for the transport and supply chain. It was also a topic for the panel discussions performed in the conference hall during the exhibition days.
  5. Russian customs clearance have a crucial influence on what routes the customers will choose for their cargo to Russia. Therefore actions of the Russian government will have a big influence on cargo routing.
  6. Russian Ports. A trend we might see in a short future is more cargo to be routed via Russian ports, instead of Baltic and Finnish ports.
  7. Transit via Kotka. The volumes of Russian transit cargo via the port of Kotka in Finland is increasing again after many years of negative trend.
  8. The Russian economy is suffering from western sanctions and the currency volatility, which has a negative impact on the cargo volumes. The customers are waiting for the Russian Rouble to recover.


To sum up, there are many factors that play an important role on the market situation. We face many challenges, but also possibilities, ahead of us and we are excited to continue to serve our Russian customers and to find the best solutions in the future.

We look forward to meeting you in Moscow next year again!

Hopefully, our blog post gave you some new insights from the TransRussia exhibition and the Russian market. Are you interested to read more about multimodal transport solutions from China to Russia read our blog post: The benefits of transit in Estonia when transporting goods from China to Russia.

 If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact our sales personnel.


It’s time for the yearly TransRussia exhibition in Moscow

We will participate and have our own Greencarrier stand, representing both Greencarrier Liner Agency and Greencarrier Freight Services. You are welcome to E735 at Pavilion 3, hall 15, where you can meet representatives from our offices in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Participating in TransRussia is an excellent opportunity for us to meet our customers from Russia, since many Russian clients ship their cargoes via several gateways, for example both via Baltic countries and Finland. At TransRussia we have the opportunity to discuss how we can serve our customers better, give them more options to choose different routes and to share our knowledge.

If you are planning to visit Moscow and TransRussia, please contact your sales representative at Greencarrier to set up a meeting with us and to get your free ticket to the exhibition.

Exhibition opening hours:
17-18 April from 10:00 till 18:00
19 April from 10:00 till 16:00

We are looking forward to meet you in Moscow!

During the exhibition in Moscow, you can follow our days on Instagram and Facebook to be updated!

Meet us at TransRussia exhibition in Moscow

TransRussia is a massive event where the leading transport and freight forwarding companies and major cargo owners are brought together. This year’s exhibition will be held 19-22 April at Crocus Expo Center in Moscow.

We will be there with our own Greencarrier stand representing both Greencarrier Liner Agency and Greencarrier Freight Services. You are welcome to B319 at Pavilion 1, hall 3, where you can meet representatives from our offices in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Participating in TransRussia is an excellent opportunity for us to meet our customers from Russia, since many Russian clients ship their cargoes via several gateways, for example both via Finland and the Baltic countries. At TransRussia we have an opportunity to discuss how we can serve our customers better, give them more options to choose different routes and to share our knowledge.

If you are planning to visit Moscow and TransRussia, please contact your sales representative at Greencarrier to set up a meeting with us. You can get your free ticket here.

Exhibition opening hours:
19-21 April 10:00 – 18:00
22 April 10:00 – 17:00

Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow!

If you are interested to follow us during the exhibition in Moscow please visit us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated!

/The Blogging Crew

Why we’re more than a logistics and transport company

At Greencarrier we like to think outside the box and that no challenge is too large or too small. Some people would refer to us as a logistics and transport company, and that’s true. But more importantly, we provide solutions.

Customised global logistics and transport solutions

In a world of rigid processes, fixed networks and strict demands that the goods you want to transport must fit a template, there has to be an alternative. Different companies have different needs, and they need to be solved in different ways. We believe the most important thing is to focus on the customer. If we do that, we can solve anything.

Putting the customer first, offering our knowledge and skills

Our staff are specialists in a range of different fields. We share a common goal, which we all work towards every day, in every meeting and with every task assigned to us – to put the customer first. Based on our customers’ requirements, we can pool together our knowledge and skills to create a strong offering. But, how does it work in practice, you might ask?

Well, as an owner of goods you can outsource various elements of your supply chain to us, and we perform the management function of your inbound and outbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfilment, storage and distribution.

We provide you with flexible systems and reliable processes, as well as customised special solutions and personal service. It doesn’t matter if your consignments are small or large and need to go by sea, land or air. Whatever logistics or transport issue you have, we simply believe it’s possible to solve.

A growing logistics and transport company

Since the beginning of our Greencarrier Group we’ve always had the ambition to build a healthy and profitable company. By being healthy, we can always invest in the development of new solutions, contribute to the society and take responsibility for the environment.

In recent years we’ve enjoyed substantial growth, making the group one of the largest privately owned transport companies in the Nordic region today. The growth is the acknowledgment of that work, together with the Greencarrier Spirit and our mindset “Yes, it’s possible!”.

Would you like to try us out? Visit our website for more information or join us on social media.

/Björn Eklund, Greencarrier

Beach cleaning day in Hong Kong – a win-win project

As a logistics and transport company we believe it’s extra important to care about the environment. Recently the Greencarrier offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen organized a beach cleaning day at Po Toi Island, just outside Hong Kong.

Taking responsibility for our waters

We cannot hide from the fact that the environmental impact of transportation is significant. After all, transports are a major consumer of energy and burn much of the world’s petroleum. The best option for saving the environment would probably be to stop all global transportation. Since we’re dependent on transports, it might be a bit tricky… But, we can take responsibility for minimising our ecological footprint – starting with the ocean!

Trash is washed up on the shores, every day

Outside Hong Kong there are several islands, some are inhabited and some aren’t. What they all have in common is that a lot of trash is washed up on the shores every day, mainly coming with the tides from the big oceans outside the islands. The trash is polluting the beaches and the fish are eating the plastic – the same fish we might catch for dinner later.

Plastics pollution is one of the most serious threats to our oceans. Unlike other types of trash it doesn’t biodegrade. Instead it photo-degrades with sunlight, breaking down into smaller pieces, but they never really disappear. As it poses a significant threat to both ocean and human health, we thought we might do something to minimise its environmental impact.

Cleaning the beaches together on Po Toi Island

Together with the Swedish Chamber of commerce in Hong Kong we organised a beach cleaning day. We gathered our office staff, customers, friends and others and spent the entire day cleaning the beaches. It was a great opportunity to do something locally in our own community, especially because Hong Kong has a high environmental awareness.

The project corresponds well to the Greencarrier Spirit, which focuses on the environment, involving ourselves in projects (not only making donations), connecting to the local countries where we’re present and working with business related issues, including long term commitments.

After the cleaning was done, we enjoyed a good seafood lunch together and summed up the day. It was a fantastic day and there were a lot of happy faces when we returned from Po Toi Island to Hong Kong.

The work continues

We will continue to voice our concern for the environmental situation locally in Hong Kong, as well as globally. Our hope is to bring up some thoughts and reflections about how we all can make small changes in our lives towards a large positive change and perhaps also influence others to reduce the amount of trash through shared grass root efforts. Because in the end, it’s a win-win situation for all of us who share this planet.

Please visit our website, and you’ll find more information about our CSR projects and what we do to protect the environment!

/Peggy Ngai, Greencarrier Freight Services in Hong Kong

Greencarrier at the Logistics & Transport exhibition in Gothenburg

Recently we participated in the Logistics and Transport exhibition in Gothenburg. It’s the leading logistics and transport trade fair and conference in Scandinavia. The two-days event was held for the fifteenth time. Naturally we were on the spot to meet customers and colleagues.

Meeting our Scandinavian and European customers

The Logistics & Transport exhibition is a dedicated trade fair and a vital event for everyone involved in the logistics and transport industry. Representatives from the whole industry meet including all the important players.

For us, participating in The Logistic and Transport exhibition in Gothenburg is an excellent opportunity to meet customers from Scandinavia and Europe.Clients and prospects get the chance to meet us face to face and this way it’s easier to start a dialogue and ask questions. It’s also great place to meet colleagues, suppliers and get updated on industry news and trends. During the exhibition we participated in several interesting workshops and a number of activities on the fair floor – from seminars and interviews, to competitions and award ceremonies.

Our approach on successful entrepreneurship

We introduced our presence at the exhibition by having our CEO at Greencarrier AB, Björn Eklund, interviewed by Johan Trouvé, CEO at West Sweden Chamber of Commerce. The topic of the discussion was Greencarrier’s approach on successful entrepreneurship. Björn described the Greencarrier Spirit, which is our way of doing things and highlighted in our CSR work the importance of taking care of the environment. Our promise to the market – yes, it’s possible – was described as one of our greatest assets.

A possibility lunch with an expert

On Wednesday we invited customers and colleagues to our possibility lunch. We offered a nice meal while listening to Per-Olof Arnäs, university lecturer at Chalmers, specialised in the logistics and transport area. He held a very interesting seminar about the digital transport system and how to upgrade a physical and analogue industry. According to Per-Olof, we’re only at the beginning of a gigantic exponential development curve. A new global ecosystem is emerging in which new types of knowledge-based industries are competing with traditional ones. We hope our participants enjoyed the seminar as much as we did!

Sharing our know-how and exchanging ideas

Our participation in the Logistics & Transport exhibition really gave us the opportunity to share our know-how and exchange ideas. We took part in many interesting and fruitful discussions and got so many brilliant ideas on subjects to write about on our blog! We’re taking them all into consideration, so remember – keep an eye out, perhaps you’re the inspiration behind our next article..!
Meanwhile, check out our Instagram for more pictures and updates about the exhibition and other events!