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Why we’re more than a logistics and transport company

At Greencarrier we like to think outside the box and that no challenge is too large or too small. Some people would refer to us as a logistics and transport company, and that’s true. But more importantly, we provide solutions.

Customised global logistics and transport solutions

In a world of rigid processes, fixed networks and strict demands that the goods you want to transport must fit a template, there has to be an alternative. Different companies have different needs, and they need to be solved in different ways. We believe the most important thing is to focus on the customer. If we do that, we can solve anything.

Putting the customer first, offering our knowledge and skills

Our staff are specialists in a range of different fields. We share a common goal, which we all work towards every day, in every meeting and with every task assigned to us – to put the customer first. Based on our customers’ requirements, we can pool together our knowledge and skills to create a strong offering. But, how does it work in practice, you might ask?

Well, as an owner of goods you can outsource various elements of your supply chain to us, and we perform the management function of your inbound and outbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfilment, storage and distribution.

We provide you with flexible systems and reliable processes, as well as customised special solutions and personal service. It doesn’t matter if your consignments are small or large and need to go by sea, land or air. Whatever logistics or transport issue you have, we simply believe it’s possible to solve.

A growing logistics and transport company

Since the beginning of our Greencarrier Group we’ve always had the ambition to build a healthy and profitable company. By being healthy, we can always invest in the development of new solutions, contribute to the society and take responsibility for the environment.

In recent years we’ve enjoyed substantial growth, making the group one of the largest privately owned transport companies in the Nordic region today. The growth is the acknowledgment of that work, together with the Greencarrier Spirit and our mindset “Yes, it’s possible!”.

Would you like to try us out? Visit our website for more information or join us on social media.

/Björn Eklund, Greencarrier