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How can we as a logistics company contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow?

By The Blogging Crew, October 22, 2020
Sustainable development is among most companies’ top priorities today, and the interest for greener logistics solutions is growing. This is a really important step towards a more sustainable future and towards the UN Agenda 2030 goals.

The concept of sustainable development is more important today than ever, and we all need to ensure that we live within our environmental limits to help stop climate change. At Greencarrier we have worked with a green mindset for a long time and we are really happy to see the growing demand for greener and better logistics solutions for real.

A sustainable world is also a world where the society is strong and fair and enables everyone to live a full life with equal opportunities.

For us, this is what the Greencarrier Spirit is all about – and this year we released the third edition of our sustainability report: Our Spirit.


Being a fair and honest business partner, employer and member of the society and planet

Greencarrier has grown and developed successfully as a company since our start in 2000. Every day we strive to deliver innovative solutions and personal service that makes our customers happy – so that we can continue to be successful.  But success for us is not just about economic needs, it’s about considering the wider impact of our operations and being a fair and honest business partner, employer and member of the society.

We have a long term ambition that includes taking responsibility for the environment, the society and the people in it. At Greencarrier we call this approach to sustainable development “The Greencarrier Spirit”  and we base our work on the UN’s Global Compact.


The 2030 Agenda – Global Goals for Sustainable Development


In 2015, 193 world leaders in the United Nations agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these goals are reached, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Nations, companies and individuals all need to get involved in these goals to enable the change.


Greencarrier’s actions towards the Global Goals for Sustainable Development


As part of our ambitions within sustainability, we have reviewed all 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and their 169 Targets. We have evaluated where we can make most impact and defined five prioritized goals based on our four focus areas in the Greencarrier Spirit Model: environment, employees, society and business.



Here’s what these goals mean to us and what we do to contribute to them.

Goal 7 Affordable and clean energy

We develop our logistics solutions towards an increased use of clean energy, for instance by developing our rail solution or the implementation our all electric trucks for distribution in Shanghai. These are some good examples of our Green Solutions.

We also work to increase the use of clean energy in our offices and premises and among company cars. This is is part of our Green Office initiative.

Together with our partner Solvatten we provide clean, heated water powered by clean energy directly in the homes of families where clean water is not always available, empowering especially women.

Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth

We want to continue to grow as a company, but not at the cost of the environment, society or people. We have a long term perspective to how we run our company, this to enable sustainable economic growth. We have the ambition to be the most attractive employer in the industry and therefore we work actively with our culture and core values – as well as with employee development programs.

Together with our partner Universeum we work in a school project called Future Transports, sharing our knowledge about logistics and contributing to the education of young people.

Goal 10 Reduced inequalities

We promote an inclusive work place where people are treated equally. We believe in equality, fairness and the empowerment of everyo­ne irrespective of origin, religion, gender, age, etc. This is part of our culture and our core values.

Together with our partner My Dream Now  some of our employees are mentors to students in schools where resources and role models are needed, this way contributing to a more equal society and the education of young people.

Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production

We develop our products to become more efficient and environ­mentally smarter. This is done by planning and advice to our customers and by choosing the best available transport mode looking at an environmental perspective. We have a number of Green Solutions that for instance include intermodal solutions, shortsea and rail as alternatives to the more traditional options.

We evaluate our suppliers and we report what we do to develop our work with sustainability.

Goal 13 Climate action

We strive to lower our relative emissions on delivered logistics solutions by choosing the best available suppliers and plan our flows smarter. Our Green Solutions are our most sustainable logistics solutions available, and we constantly develop these in collaboration with our suppliers and customers. We clearly show the wins in terms of environment and emissions when you can make your logistics more efficient.

We work to promote green initiatives in our offices and premises, as mentioned, with the Green Office initiative.

We also promote actions towards cleaner land and oceans by engaging in external networks that works for transport efficiency and a fossil free future of freight, and we are really proud partners to Closer and TripleF .

We also participate in challenges and competitions to ensure that we stay on top of new possibilities. Read more about the Fossil Free Freight Challenge here.

Learn more!

If you want to learn more about our view on sustainability, and what we actually do, please read our Sustainability Report or check out our web site and blog. You can also check out how we give back to the society and environment via our Greencarrier Spirit fund, where we set aside 1% of our profit each year for projects within sustainability that our employees can initiate.

And of course, you are more than welcome to contact me or one of my colleagues!

/Åsa Leander